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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a move out clean include?

For on-Post housing, a PCS Clean will include:

Dry dust the light globes and vents; clean all door frames, window frames, shelves, closet rods, towel bars, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, walls, doors, windows, blinds, window sills, and baseboards; clean tubs, sinks, toilets, and water fixtures; clean dishwasher, microwave, stove, and refrigerator in place; sweep, mop and vacuum; sweep the garage.

For off-Post housing, a Move Out Clean will include:

Take down all the light globes and vents, hand wash them, dry them, and put them back. Clean all door frames, window frames, shelves, closet rods, towel bars, kitchen and bathroom cabinets (inside & out), walls, doors, windows, window tracks, blinds, windowsills, light switches, electrical outlet covers, every square inch of baseboards. Clean tubs, sinks, toilets-inside and out. Clean dishwasher, microwave, stove, and refrigerator (inside and out), including pulling out away from the wall and cleaning behind. Sweep, mop and vacuum. Sweep the garage.

Why move out pricing different on post?

Because Corvias’ requirements are a little less strict, we were able to design a package that met—but not exceeded—their expectations. This allows us to charge military families living on post to save up to 15% on their PCS Clean.

Can I schedule a weekend clean?

Our operating hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. If you need a clean done outside of these hours, we may be able to accommodate you for a small additional fee. The fee is $25 per employee, which goes directly to the employees who volunteer to use their family time to help meet your needs.

How does the "security deposit guarantee" work?

If you get money taken from your security deposit for re-cleaning, all you must do is send us a copy of the invoice for our records. The invoice will have an itemized accounting of your charges. We will cut you a check for those line items marked for re-cleaning, no questions asked. This does not apply to carpet cleaning. It also does not apply to repairs, damage, painting, or lost items that you may be charged for. It will be nullified if you stay in the house between our appointment and your inspection.

Can you just clean part of my house?

In order to offer the Security Deposit Guarantee, we cannot offer partial cleans. The itemized invoice does not notate which room a deficiency is in, and we cannot guarantee work that we have not completed.

Is there a deposit to schedule my clean?

We do not require a deposit, just basic information.

Are there cancellation fees or rescheduling fees?

No. While it is not the intention of the fees, we have found that cancellation and rescheduling fees unfairly punish military families, due to the inherent uncertainty of the PCS process. We do ask that if any changes occur, you keep us updated.

How far in advance should I book?

You can definitely ask us about last-minute openings but we typically book 3-4 weeks in advance. If you are moving during “Turn Season,” which is from May 1 to August 15 each year, you will want to book 6-8 weeks in advance. We’re not joking. It gets crazy.

How far in advance can I book?


Is carpet cleaning included?

Not in the price we quote you. However, if you also need carpet cleaning services, we can get our partner, Little Apple Carpet Cleaning, dispatched to your home to do a bid. If you use another company for carpets, please schedule them at least four hours after us. We would hate to delay them or ruin their work.

Do I need to be there when you clean?

Please plan on being there to let us in and then again at the end for a walkthrough.

We love having the opportunity to explain what we have done, get you a receipt, and let you know if there was anything to note about the property. We have been able to save tenants tons of money by advising them about damaged blinds, burnt out bulbs, and other actionable items. In between, go to the dog park or a coffee shop or a library or for a pedicure or anywhere that makes you feel relaxed. You deserve it!

What do I need to do to the house before a clean?

You need to make sure the house is empty (no belongings) and vacant (no humans or pets). If there is stuff left behind, we will charge $100 per hour of time spent helping you move stuff around. If that sounds crazy, remember that rules only happen when craziness does. Tenants have left anything from a fridge full of food, to a live tarantula, to an entire canoe in their house. If packing and loading is not on schedule, just let us know the night before and we will try to accommodate you without a fee!

Do my utilities need to be on during my clean?

You need to make sure that all utilities are on for the duration of the clean. We need climate control (heat/air conditioning), electricity, and hot water to do our work. If utilities are not on for the entire time, there will be a $100 charge. If we cannot complete the job because the utilities are turned off halfway through the clean, this will nullify the Security Deposit Guarantee, and we will charge you for the entire job. If that also sounds crazy, you should know that a property manager once expected us to clean an eviction clean in -7 degrees without running water.

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Your home is your castle. It is where you rest, raise your children, and keep everything that is most dear to you. You want to know that the people coming into your home are honest and hardworking and will keep your home secure and safe.​​​​​​​

Background Checked

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Materials used in construction and furnishings change rapidly. “Fast Fashion” has bled into interior design and remodeling, and these new materials require special chemicals and techniques to ensure cleanliness without damage. We train internally on how to use the safest techniques on a regular basis.

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We are so confident in our work and our system that we offer a security deposit guarantee on move out and PCS cleans. If you have any money come out of your security deposit for re-cleaning, you send us a copy of the invoice and we will send you a check.

Our Amazing Benefits



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We all know that accidents happen, and if your cleaning company is not insured, you will be liable for damages to the property or injury that occurs at the property.​​​​​​​ We protect our clients and our employees our complete coverage. 

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We are the only cleaning company in the state that has IICRC Certified House Cleaning Technicians.  It teaches our staff how to identify and care for the different surfaces and furnishings in a home. We use a scientific approach in choosing the chemicals and methods to clean your household.



We have safety features in place to ensure that theft does not occur. We assign the same crew to you regularly; we background check our employees; and we continually train our team on client confidence. However, if all these should fail, we carry a crime bond to cover any losses due to theft. ​​​​​​​

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What our clients are saying

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Kelvi Cunningham

As a Realtor, I have worked with Good Witch many times and have always been impressed. They go the extra mile and take care of the details. I especially appreciate the checklist that is provided after each service which offers an organized list of exactly what was cleaned. This keeps us on the same page. I highly recommend Good Witch for cleaning needs! 

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Blue Vista 

Thank you so much for providing your post-construction cleaning services. This can be one of the most challenging cleaning environments, and

your company handled it with grace and ease. In the process of cleaning all 9,000+ sf buildings, your staff has always been pleasant, diligent, and efficient in their work. It has always been a fantastic value for the quality of service provided.

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Kaitlynn Day

The Good Witch made our first move out of on post housing so much easier and stress free! I didn't have to ask them to clean anything further. The house looks and smells great! At move in I don't think our sinks looked as bright and clean as they are now. She answered any questions I had which was great! Her entire staff was great with my daughter! I Highly recommend!

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Laurra Munson

GWC is extremely professional and have cleaned the properties we have hired them for to our high standards.  They have fit us in on short notice. I have called the same day I need a cleaning service and she worked us into her busy schedule and provided exceptional service. I would refer Good Witch Cleaning to anyone looking for a great cleaning company.

Words from our friends. 

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Not quite sure exactly what you need? Do you have questions? Don't hesitate to call us at 785.630.3255 or fill out the contact form below.

We're here to answer any and all of your cleaning questions. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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​​​​​​​Love Coming Home​​​​​​​

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About Us

We are a woman and veteran owned residential cleaning company based in St. George, KS. We service homes within a 50 mile radius of Fort Riley, both on and off post. 

We are bonded and insured, and home to the ONLY IICRC Certified House Cleaning Technicians in the State of Kansas.


We are the only member of the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI) and the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) in one hundred miles. We are members of the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce. Each one of these organizations hold us to a higher standard of ethics and quality than the average cleaning company. 

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Our mission is to provide dignity for all. Dignified work and a dignified wage for employees, and confidential and compassionate care for our clients.

- Amber Starling, Founder           

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